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Showing posts from January 31, 2017

1984..... Oh Mr Orwell ..

NEW WORLD ORDER. Here and now........

TOLD YA, Trump is Hitler, repackaged ......

Babyfart "Look at me"

So as America prepares for Superbowl 51. Those Isis members are licking their lips. As Babyfart continues his autograph sessions. Signing all kinds of odd pronouncements. They have this Sunday, locked in the bomb sites. Not that Trump cares.

The quicker the better.......

Ex Spice Girl & Xfactor judge. MelB .
(Mel make sure to tell the truth) Needs to dump that bastard husband/ conman,  of hers Stephen Belafonte. (Classic hanger on) He's cheating on her, as always.. If she doesn't do this in the year. It will end really badly.