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Told Ya Even bigger cracks........, May 23, 2010 Just waiting...... David Cameron Britain's
fill in Prime Minister.
Is on a beating to nowhere.
He is so "Ivory Towered"
He truly doesn't have a clue.Wait till summer of 2011. When the cracks appear  & the towers begin to fall. Big business will be the cause.
God, help the Brits. Especially 2012...... Posted by at Sunday, May 23, 2010

Ex Mr Liza Minnelli........SPOOKY.

David Gest the creep who was married to  Liza Minnelli for all of two minutes. Is now jumping on the  Whitney Houston bandwagon. Funny how all these friends didn't jump on board while she was alive. Well he is going to keep on trucking. Wait till he tries a TV seance.......
From the "OTHER" Side. WANKER......

Told Ya......Booby Brown Tell All.........WANKER
Friday, February 17th 2012. Money grabbing Down and Dirty Bobby Brown....... If you think the squabbling, that is going on now between  Booby Brown & Whitney Houston's family. Just wait till the funeral is over.
(He won't get into the funeral service, no matter how hard he tries) He is going to go after the millions that she will make now she is dead. Mind you what would you expect from the moron that got her so hooked on booze & drugs... He should be arrested for being an accomplice to her murder. Posted by at Friday, February 17, 2012