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Showing posts from November 25, 2017

As the rumor mill goes into overdrive...

As the gossip sites light up.With the buzz that the latest Royal Engagement is about to be announced. ( I still see this as the biggest mistake in years for the “FIRM”). It seems like it will go ahead. Al the pundits, here seem to think that Actress Meghan Markle, can handle. What will happen to her once this happens. Well, she won’t. She has no idea what the press wil do to her. With the first wrong step Hey will delight on taking her down. After all to them, she will still be a Foreigner.. Something the Royals HATE..


Oh, how sweet BF Meme of theDay...

Last Christmas

If someone with a bit of common sense.Doesn’t get actress Tara Reid. Into some kind of rehab,pronto. Tis the last Santa Claus outfit she ever wears. Other than the one they will bury her in I know it doesn’t sound nice... But i am here to tell the truth not to be nice.