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Showing posts from May 17, 2020

HAlf a told ya . RM to get her freedom.. Won't make it to Autumn..... May 11, 2020 This is Rebecca Mostow. She's a Hollywood advisor. Who worked for Prince, The Beckhams .. So Meghan, has hired her to be the PR Guru. Who, to be tasked with, sorting out. The mess that is them in LA. While I wish her well......... She won't last past the "FALL".

Sunday Prayer ha ha


For those that asked. Britney Spears...... Is spiraling out of control. In fact worse than ever. So lets pray..... That a family member. Gets rid of ALL the hangers on. Gets her the real help she needs. Or the family.... Will be planning a funeral. They have a few weeks, Before all this becomes. Global news. NOT PRETTY