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Told Ya These Right Wingers are NUTS.........
Christian Dion  The Seer’s 2013 Predictions Completed Dec 19th 2012 10                Pres Obama.If he uses that pen of his he'll, have this country back on it's feet during his next term. Granted tough decisions to be made and carried out but if he does brilliant. Those that take care of him as there will be two attacks on his life during the next term ( well two we get to hear of).

Justin Bieber PREGNANT?

When my favourite Lesbian  Justin Bieber, was 15yrs old in 2010. Some silly bitch is saying that she was made pregnant by Justin.. Which resulted in a baby girl. What a silly woman. 1. He doesn't know how to use his willy now, let alone in 2010. 2. If you are going to pick someone famous as your baby's daddy, pick someone believable. 3. Did you supply the magnifying glass or did he?
You don't need a prediction on this one really. But here's goes. IT'S A PILE OF CRAP.