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Not a prediction today..A Thought !!!

It truly saddens me to see bright people, so tied up with their "EGO". That they throw away all the good in their lives. Whether it be partner, husband, wife, sibling even offspring. They will not listen to the positive ones in their life,  as the positive ones simply won't agree with them. But they will listen to the negative ones, who just feed their  "EGO".  Why do the negative ones feed their  "EGO".  Well they want them to be as miserable as they are,  often family members...even worse. Nor will they accept that maybe they are wrong,  God forbid others be right. No they keep on that wonderful path of self destruction. Then all of a sudden the become aware,  that all the good things are gone. All that is left is emptiness. Even the negative ones have left. Just because they refuse to put said  "EGO"  to one side. So now they go on the pity party train of,  "Why did they leave me" "What did I do wrong" "I did everything for them" &q…