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Showing posts from May 23, 2010


"Boyzone" member Ronan Keating,
Has run off with one of the bands,
backing dancers one "Francine Cornell"
Bloody idiot........
It won't ;ast.
Then he'll be sorry.
But thankfully,
his wife won't take him back.

Just waiting......

David Cameron Britain's
fill in Prime Minister.
Is on a beating to nowhere.
He is so "Ivory Towered"
He truly doesn't have a clue.
Wait till summer of 2011. When the cracks appear  & the towers begin to fall. Big business will be the cause.
God, help the Brits. Especially 2012......

Well soon..

Adam Ant, the 80's popstar,
Has been placed in a mental hospital.
Hopefully he'll be fine.
Personally I think he'll be fine.
After all we "ALL" have odd moments.