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Told Ya To clink he goes........, February 22, 2011More to come........... Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse, for Italian leader  Silvo Berlusconi...... Wrong............ As though the recent revelation  that he paid a  teenage hooker  called  
Ruby el Mahroug  aka  Ruby Heartstealer  for sex. Then when she was arrested got the police, to drop the charges and release her from clinky. Wasn't bad enough to get him thrown out of office..... Well the allegations that will appear, in the coming weeks will get him thrown out. These " NEW " allegations. Will make the others seem tame........
But he'll go to prison in 2012, for something they get him on.

Blah,blah,blah........has he? Will he? Won't he?

So since these two morons have had their baby "North". He rumour mill in Hollywierd is all a buzz. About Kanye proposing. Bit late really as that horse has truly bolted. But.... I am not saying he won't. He will if not for the money. Perhaps he's waiting till the  Supreme Court,  decides on equal marriage for all. After all he does have to take care of his  French designer "BF".