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Showing posts from June 26, 2010

Here we go.............

As you may know. Today 26th is a lunar eclipse..... An interesting one. It is going to make the sensitive, more sensitive. People yes.... But also all things electronic, cellphones, computers, cars. As well as credit cards, debit cards, etc. Due to their magnetic strip. Make sure you put them in a safe place. Especially when you use them,  don't forget to put them back in your purse/pocket. If you use a card at the ATM, remember to take it back from the machine,  as well as picking up your money. We are entering a time, where we will be made, to be much more aware of our surroundings. Please take care of yourselves. We have to take more care of each other. We have to take more care of this spaceship, we call Mother Earth, (even though we don't treat her like one)  Beware friends,  Mother Earth may just decide to give us a few shakes. Not just in the usual places either. Along with some strong winds, 
she is really ready to show us. Who is really the boss.