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Showing posts from October 30, 2017

A Little BF Meme to help celebrate..

Who knew Babyfart was a Psychic?

Luvly FIRST BF Meme of the Week

I do hope Babyfarts'Amex is paid up. He's going to be buying lots and lots of "Bug" spray.

Two Little "Crooks" sitting a Wall, with many more to come...

What a lovely start to the week for "Babyfart". The first "Two Canaries" called in today. I do hope they don't believe that Trump will save them, NO HE WON'T. Get the deal boys before someone else does....
ps Wait till Babyfart,
 sends troops to the wall.

Temper. Temper Darling.....

Seems Tommy Boy has been lying little low. Whilst recovering from his injury,  he got while filming the latest MI movie. But, he's been busy, trying to find another "Beard",  er I mean GF/WIFE. But, all is not going well. Finding a"fake" someone,  for PR purposes. Is a little like a magic trick. The conjuror will fool you once. Maybe even twice... But after that the public and the potential victims. Wise up......... No matter how many times you lose your temper Tommy. You ain't going to get one this time. Well, no one that can play the game. like Katie did for SOOOOOOOO LOOONG.