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TOLD YA... Split This is Tess Ward,  some food blogger from the UK. The PR team,  would have you believe that they are dating.
HA HA... Well, they maybe "Dating"..  But I hope she checked the fine print.........

Reading Special 4th July...

Monday 19th June to Midnight 4th July 2017 PST Due to popular demand. Here's The 4th July Special as follows. NORMALLY
Email Readings4th July Special
1 Question   $20  USD 1 Question   $10USD
3 Questions $50  USD  3 Questions  $25USD
6 Questions $80  USD 6 Questions  $40USD
8 Questions $100 USD8 Questions  $50USD(recent picture required)
  Send questions and photo to No readings sent till offer closes

Payable in advance by Paypal.
Send payment to: At
 They walk you through the process.

Send toilet paper to ......

On UK TV,  Piers"Mr Butt Kisser" Morgan.  Went on and on, to say how, HRH Prince Philip,  was/is HRH's "ROCK". True........... Even a deaf & dumb person. Can see that Mr BK,  is groveling for a knighthood. WON'T HAPPEN.......