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TOLD YA This is only going to get better, ha ha ..

Monday, December 8, 20142015 Predictions
2015 Predictions  Composed between  Nov 14th  noon & Dec 1st 7pm 2014 In Hermosa Beach Ca, USA.
13    Queen Elizabeth 11 
 A rough one,  health is the big question of this year.  Plus a scandal in the ranks,  that will rock her house.  There's a divorce close to home too.

Really BIG TIMES , ahead ....

X Factor UK contestant. Rebecca Fergsuon. Has just released her third album. "The Lady Sings the Blues" A wonderful work of art. Covering  Billie Holliday Songs. This isn't just going to be a hit, it;s going to catapult her to Global Fame. Nice Lady Too. You heard it here first. I look forward to a copy in the mail,  Ha Ha