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Showing posts from March 28, 2017

Gota have friends .....

So David Beckhams' friend Guy Richie. Has given Goldenballs his first movie role. In the remake Of King Arthur. Goldenballs, plays a Knight. So he at lest got a pretend Knighthood, ha ha. Anywho....... The film may do OK. But Becks will get slammed, for his stiff acting.

TIme to get out the BELT.......

For those that don't know. This is Danielle Bregoli,  aka "Cash Me Ousside". This 14 year old, spoilt brat trailer park trash. Who has no respect for anyone,  including  herself, clearly. Well. just when you thought,  that her 15 minutes of Fame, had died. WRONG........ She has signed deal for a "Reality Show" She seems to think it'll be a great success. Well, it will... But not in the way she hopes. It's going to be a,  "SPECTACULAR FLOP". I can't wait. It's time for CSS to pop in and say "Hello".