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Told Ya..Supreme Court backs Obama..., May 11, 2012 Stupid, stupid girl............
Tithead & unwed mother Bristol Palin. Is slagging off President Obama for endorsing  same sex marriage. Of the many reasons she gives. Quote " Children need to be raised in a mother/father household" She's an unwed mother..... (plus the father of the child is MIA) for Christ's sake.... Stupid cow. Well the good news is it shows what her mother/father household did to her growing up......... Well she will be really pissed when the Supreme Court sides with Pres Obama on his healthcare.
Posted by Christian Dion at

Told Ya.....No rings for Goldenballs, August 1, 2011
Team "Beckham", don't think so......... Rumours are rife in the soccer world. That David " Golden Balls " Beckham. Is going to buy a team in the American MLS league. Can't see it myself, not a good idea David. Mind you wait till he has to ask the wife for the money. Ha ha....... He should design his own knickers, that would make him money. But Summer 2012 will really upset him, when he's left out of the British Olympic team. Posted by Christian Dion at

Told Ya TART.........., February 26, 2012 Sorry World........ Katie "Jordan" Price  will be writing a column in the new  "Sun on Sunday" She claims it is to show the World  that she isn't just a bimbo.. Really? I would never have thought that. Plus in her next book, she'll reveal what a tasteless, nasty slut she is....... Posted by Christian Dion at

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Actor/comedian and all round lost soul. Has entered rehab again..... Sad to say a complete waste of time. As he simply refuses to listen.