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Told Ya N Korean Nutter...
Thursday, November 25, 2010
Tick tock time for him to go....... That moron Tinpot dictator, in North Korea, Has decided to lob missiles, at South Korea, Everybody better take notice. Because this is going to get a lot worse. Before it gets any better. If people need a reference point. Remember, the 1930's Another Tinpot dictator, thought he could lob stuff at Europe. However he'll be dead by Christmas 2011. Mind you his successor will be worse. He'll use " KINDNESS "..... Posted by Christian Dion at

Money grabbing MORON...

The guy pictured with   Rihanna  above is in fact her Dad. He's up for the worst father in the World Award . Clearly he will win it hands down. Why? Well he has said the he is delighted that his daughter is back with  girlfriend beating Chris Brown. Well Mr Fenty when she's laid out in the morgue, lets see what you think then.