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Showing posts from September 7, 2016

TOLD YA, Close this time.
Sunday, February 23, 2014Let's pray not...... Now that Putin's ego has grown with the  "Success" of the winter Olympics.
(Great personal danger in 2016/7) He pondering sending the troops into the Ukraine. To sort them out. If he does, he'll see another Russian revolution. History tells us that this won't end well.

TOLD YA , PR, PR, PR, PR.., June 21, 2016Another B-side relationship..
So Taylor Swift & Tom Hiddleston, are dating. Or to put it another way. She cheated on her boyfriend,  to start a relationship. With Tom....... Now, not to be a prude.. But starting a relationship, while in a relationship. NEVER WORKS. Well that's in the real world. In Show Biz, all bets are off. This is another case of PR Relationship School. That's right ALL PR. You are going to see this repeat itself with Taylor. Until, she reveals her real love. Then it's PR .....

To the Great White Way, Boys.

DWTS Long time Pro Mark Ballas. Isn't going to be on this season of DWTS. Oh NO............ I hear you scream. But don't fret.. He's hiding to Broadway. To join the cast of "Jersey Boys" It'll be a SMASH for him.