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PLEASE READ CAREFULLY. This will be the only post re this. I will not comment further AT ALL.

As so many people have been asking,  really since last year and the still missing airplane. Now the German one.
As you will now be aware. The Co Pilot. Crashed the plane on purpose. Granted he took the opportunity of that flight, as against planning that flight.. Since 9/11 those that would bid the peaceful people of the World harm. Have put in place these so called "Lone Wolves"  To carry out these said attacks. There are many more to come. The powers that be know, that these plans are in place.
But they don't want to panic the public.
Why? To save lives? NO. To save money.
Imagine what would happen.
If the Powers that be. ADMITTED such a thing.
"BANKRUPTCY overnight. That's the real answer.
So as I put in the Title

TOLD YA, What's even more amazing is people listen to this DUCK SHIT

Friday, May 23, 2014Truly Quackers......
Phil Robertson,  he of "Duck Dynasty " fame. Is at it again. With his hateful rants. Well, seems he doesn't want to learn. So when the network pulls the plug. He's only got his self to blame.


So Good Old "Auntie" BBC Television. Have fired Top Host Jeremy Clarkson. For hitting a producer. But, it won't keep this scumbag, moron, humourless idiot off,   TV Screens Of the World. Some dick in charge will offer him,  enough money to fund a small country,  to reappear. So make use of his absence on your telly, well. As he'll be BACK, sadly ..