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Showing posts from March 22, 2010

Walmart calling

If Michelle McGee
aka Jesse James’s mistress.
Thinks that she will benefit,
from all the attention she is
receiving will help her career.
Duh, Michelle you don’t have a career.
Although I hear Walmart
are looking for shelf stockers,
on the night shift.
Well she'll be able to put the "tell all" book
Jesse James will write on the shelves,
as she tries to read it.

Mental in New York

RHONY cast member Kelly Bensimon.
Why can’t everyone else see that she’s MENTAL.
Oh you do…..
Well for the rest of you.
This is the season that she will show her true colours.
Both on & off screen.

Beating around the wrong bush

Reggie Bush aka Mr Kim Kardashian,
Seems not to have learned his lesson.
He’s still hanging out in the wrong places
with the wrong people.
Especially pretty brunettes.
I sense a break, again.
But she'll be back.
But bet Kim keeps the ring.
She won't be sad for long.
She'll snag another idiot that plays with balls.
Only lighter......
Summer wedding bells.
But it'll end in divorce.........