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TOLD YA Russians did it.. more to come..
Tuesday, December 6, 2016
Rainy Day in London, don't drink the tea..

Funny all throughout the elections.
Babyfart & his band of "Trumpettes".
Were saying, how Julian Assange.
Would bring down Hilary Clinton.
With all the info he had stolen.
Before he fled to London.
Now, that BabyFart appears to have won.
He seems to have gone silent on the matter.
Even as JA, appears to have done an Houdini.
Other than, Trump suggesting, that Hilary.
Has had him done in.....
Far too oblivious for her to do, plus why? But another train of thought. Maybe Trump and his boyfriend Putin. Really did "FIX" the election. So, "They" would have a reason to get rid of JA. Remember "They" have done it before. With a "Brolly" in London. Last time I heard JA is still hold up in London.
A prediction, or merely a thought.
You World it out.

TOLD YA, The shoes start to DROP........ Times this week...... February 12, 2018 So If "Babyfart"....  & his group of "Croonies" on Wall St.. Think that last week was rough... & past... How wrong can they be.................... This week is going to be even worse. Which is good news to me................. As, he's getting ever close to the end...

TOLD YA, Clearly not a Gentleman... Needs to behave, or else ...
May 24, 2015

Michael Fassbender,  may be having a good time career wise. But he needs to start behaving like a Gentleman. Or he'll find himself on the wrong side of the Hollywierd bigwigs.

Friday BF Meme fo the Day

Happy New Year of the Dog........

TIME TO ACT.......

If someone, a parent, a grown up..... Doesn't get Ms Gomez to sort herself out. Her team won't be planning a tour.. They will be planning a funeral....

TOLD YA.. Almost a year ago...

NOt even  :"Friends"  

February 20, 2017
Jennifer Anniston & "HUBBY"Justin Theroux. are so close to breaking up. That you can feel the Earthquake of Gossip, beginning to shake. Well, I have been telling you for years. That these two are so mismatched. It's like a bag of broken cookies. Can't wait for the next few weeks.