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Showing posts from October 18, 2016

Nice try.....

So here's a private side of my life.
Last night, Lady Gaga, my dog.

Was crazy looking around at something,  that I couldn't see. She's never done that kind of thing. This went on till 3am. She also decided that she had to sleep on my head. Again something that she has never done. Or she had to get out of the house. Odd I know. Now this morning things a little calmer,  doggie wash time. As I was washing her. I suddenly realized what had happened. Someone, tried to send something,  to hurt or bother me. Well, it didn't work of course. Clearly the work of an amateur,  with a little knowledge. Always dangerous....... Any how, I thought I'd let them know. I sent the something, back. "With a little something extra".

Bigger isn't always better.

This is the World's largest Yacht. It's owned by a Russian Billionaire. He made his money from manure..... It would have to be it's worth $666 million. Interesting #. Anyway it won't see it's 2nd birthday.