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TOLD YA, Nigel,TRUMP BFF, It's the company you keep... Christian Dion  The Seer’s 2013 Predictions Completed Dec 19th 2012
7                  UKIP.The UKIP need to be watched very carefully, they are not what they claim to be.Remember the 1930's well they are of the same cloth. They are planning all kinds of demo's etc. Which will turn violent.

Lbs or ounces ??......

So for the New Year. Rob Kardashian & his Baby Mama, Blac Chyna. Are going to get healthy, ie lose weight. To restart their relationship, again. Now, while losing weigh is good,  for any ones health. But, no amount of weight loss. Will, make their fake relationship work. Bet it won't get to Easter Egg time. Without them falling off the wagon, amongst other things...