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Showing posts from August 6, 2017

Saturday Night in WEHO

How nice..............
Kay Perry recently "spilt(ish)" from Orlando Bloom.
On a date with Robert Pattinson "dating" TWIGS.
Of course the irony is the date.
Is in the "Gay" capital of the World.
So perhaps they are just "Friends"...... 
They do have the same haircut almost....
I wonder what his "girlfriend" Twigs, thinks?
All part of the PR...

Reading Offer till Labor Day

Until Midnight (PST) Labor Day... Sept 4th 2017. All email readings will be half price. As requested & to celebrate the end of Summer. Email Readings  Normal Price                   Special Offer 1   Question     $20  USD           $ 10 USD
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8   Questions   $100 USD          $  50 USD 10 Questions   $120 USD          $  60 USD
(recent picture required)
Send pic & questions to
Payable in advance by Paypal.
Send payment to
At they walk you through the process.
Readings take approx 72 hours
(Sunday Day OFF)

BF Meme of the day

TOLD YA, Not so Electric....
Upgrade...... April 25, 2017 Actress Amber Heard,  seems to have bagged herself a billionaire. Elon Musk............ She clearly felt that Johnny Depp,  didn't have enough, to satisfy her. Silly girl...................... I do hope that she doesn't think,  that this is going to last. Elon, may feel he's the winner, not so... But, he'll wake up to what she's up to. It's not like he'll miss the dosh,  this fling will cost him. Just the price of doing business. Interesting tax write off.....

TOLD YA.. Bigger and Bigger