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Many more to come ...

AS the Religious "Nutters" like to say.... "From the mouths of Babes" (Not the ones Trumps used to ha ha)

Another clue as requested ha ha So as " Donald ""Babyfart"" Trump ". Continues to completely deny that the woman. Who have come forward to expose him as the sex offender he is. Well, there's more to come, many more. But trust me that's not the worst of his sex abuse issues. Just wait till the "Others" come forward. Then you'll understand the reason he choose Arnold Schwarzengger. To replace him on The Celebrity Apprentice.

Another "Little" clue ... Ha Ha

But I'm an Artist, ps it's Artiste...

Seems Just "My Favorite Lesbian" Bieber. Is back to his normal ways of throwing tantrums. He choose to do the latest RANT, in Manchester UK. Not the best place for such behavior. As all 4 yr olds there, know. That this kind of behavior is for 1yr olds. Seems LB has forgotten, all he learned from Jesus.