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ARTICLE REVIEW... Oh what fun.... THERE'S MORE.. PRINCE ANDREW... Just a reprieve .... December 06, 2018 I hope that the man pig that is HRH Prince Andrew. Isn't under the delusion that the recent plea deal. By his Buddy billionaire Jeffrey Epstein... In regard to his sex abuse issues. That it's all finished. Oh no...... 2019 brings us not just allegations. But videos.......

Friday Morning All..

ALMOST THERE.. Trump says, "CANCEL THE ELECTION" ??? Sunday Thoughts... May 03, 2020 Full Disclosure: An Interview with           Noel Casler The former "Celebrity Apprentice" talent handler on what he saw behind the scenes. Greg Olear May 1 80 9 WHILE IT WAS THE RUSSIANS, wreaking havoc on the election, who won the White House for Donald John Trump, the man who made Trump palatable to voters—who burnished the popular image of the longtime mob money launderer, serial rapist, and piece of shit human—was the TV producer Mark Burnett. On his “reality” show The Apprentice , Burnett sold America a successful, hard-working, comfortably wealthy version of Trump that was completely divorced from reality. On the show, Trump had his shit together. On the show, Trump was an alpha male. On the show, Trump was not afraid to say “You’re fired” to someone’s face. T

Morning All...

ALMOST THERE.. Tommy Boy.. Oh what a SHAME........ha ha July 13, 2013 Tom Cruise is all upset,  that he has been drawn into the Leah Remini leaving Scientology. Well, Thomas you have been the public face of the "CULT". For along time. Anyway, if he's upset by this wait till the rest comes flying out.

ALMOST THERE... Meghan Markle "Royal" Bitch slapped... All that glitters is Lillibets... October 18, 2019 Meghan Markle seems to think. She can keep, all the pretty sparkly things. Oh, what a silly girl. Doesn't, know her history then. Heads have rolled, to collect those jewels. Never will they leave, Lillibets grip. Even if she were pack. Customs would bring them back.

ALMOST THERE..... DANGER Ellen De Generes.. TICK, TOCK, time for recycling ......... April 14, 2017 Ellen DeGeneres needs to clear out the "Closet". Not the one she's  already left. The one full of  the wrong people. She is in very real danger. Of "FUCKING UP" her lovely life. She also needs to take a good look,  at the booze use.... She's not 20yr anymore.......... She could loose her show if she doesn't...

TOLD YA TOMMY ROBINSON COWARD... People please don't buy into their BULLSHIT........ May 26, 2013 This is the image of   "The English Defense League". (If it wasn't so sad it would be funny) They are using the recent terrible sick murder  of a truely brave soldier in London. to advance their cause. They don't care about the soldier or his family,  just their agenda. These people are a blend of the  Nazis/KKK,  with a splash of the skinhead nutters. They want to destroy Great Britain not rebuild it. Below is a pic of the co founder/chief Tommy Robinson. Not his real name. (note his necklace, speaks volumes) He is a thug, plain and simple.... One day very soon the truth about this hypocrite will emerge.