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TOLD YA, Tump tantrum....... Sticky fingers......... March 20, 2017

Well, well if you think the last week,  was a bit of a drama centre at the "Trashhouse". Just watch, as from now to Easter. It won't be just the chocolate eggs,  that keep melting. EVERYTHING, will be flowing out of the door. Babyfart, is about to truly,  show us his mental state. It's going to be very sticky and messy........

Help at Easter......

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“A fun way to help those who are needy at Easter”.

TOLD YA.. DELAY?????????? Trip a Train......... March 19 2017
So as Babyfart continues to spread his lies.. Denying the 'TRUTH". As he keeps on making a show of himself,  showing the World. He's a moron. Well, wait and see just how bad,  he gets this coming couple of weeks. It's going to be FABULOUS.