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TOLD YA.. EVEN closer.....

 I have mentioned her before...
July 08, 2017
Katie "Jordan" Price. UK reality Star. Kinda the,  UK Kim Kardashian.... Is getting even wierder. Seems to me the cliff edge. Is very, very close.

Birth of a President....

Jan 30th 2018. We witnessed the birth of a future,  President of America... Joe Kennedy III A GOOD ONE......

BF Morning After the night before MEME

Supermoon Jan 31st... 1st time in 152 years.....

The last time this Supermoon was seen on Earth.
Was 152 years ago.

Here's a list of events that happened in 1876.....
The Reichsbank opens in Berlin.
The United States orders all Native Americans,
           to move into reservations
A G Bell & Elisha Gray apply separately for telephone patents.
                Supreme Court eventually rules Bell rightful inventor
US Congress decides to impeach Minister of War Belknap.
Alexander Graham Bell receives a patent for the telephone in the US.
 First telephone call;
     Alexander Graham Bell says  "Mr. Watson, come here,
                I want to see you" to his assistant Thomas Watson. General Crook destroy Cheyennes & Oglala-Sioux Indian camps.
 Sir Charles Gordon ends religious tolerance in Sudan.  The April Uprising breaks out in Bulgaria.
Sara Spencer (R) is the 1st woman to address a US presidential convention.
Serbia declares war on Turkey.
Montenegro declares war on Turkey.
  White terrorists attack Black Republicans in Hamburg…