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Showing posts from May 10, 2017

Needs help NOW........

Brad Pitt, is so close to falling off the "EDGE". That if he were to trip over a feather, he'd be gone. Let's hope he finds that one.  "TRUE" friend to guide him.

TOLD YA, Too stiff,but not Viagra
Gota have friends ..... March 28, 2017  So David Beckhams' friend Guy Richie. Has given Goldenballs his first movie role. In the remake Of King Arthur. Goldenballs, plays a Knight. So he at lest got a pretend Knighthood, ha ha. Anywho....... The film may do OK. But Becks will get slammed, for his stiff acting.

TOLD YA. "Shuffle Hop Step" to Clinky A fall ahead June 30, 2014
Abby Lee Miller,  star of "Dance Moms" etc. Is about to take an almighty fall. Good, about time.
Naughty girl ... October 15, 2015
Abby Lee Miller of Dance Moms fame. Has, it seems she has been hiding earnings, from the tax man. Some $750.000 worth. Well, that's just the tip of this iceberg. There alot more under the mattress.

TOLD YA. Trump fires COMEY........ with Trump, now with the FBI March 26, 2017 Oh "Babyfart",  is in for an interesting week. It's going to seem very long for him. As he awaits to see, what beans Mike Flynn,  is spilling to the FBI. Here's clue. "It's NOT GOOD".............