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Showing posts from May 5, 2014

A new Madame is born......

On Saturday night a young Lady born in the UK. Who now lives in upstate NY. Appeared on BGT. She stole the show. Her name is Patsy She may just be the winner. You heard it here first.

TOLD YA Lindsay on the sauce.........
Saturday, April 5, 2014
Back on the sauce..... Even though Oprah gave Lindsay Lohan,  a good telling off the other day. She's not going to listen. In fact she's doesn't listen to anyone. Including the voices in her head. Oh well, she'll be back on the sauce soon. Then court. Then clinky.

TOLD YA THe famous are shaking.......
Tuesday, April 29, 2014Clinky here's comes.... Brit PR Guru Max Clifford.
Has been found guilty of sex abuse.
He will be sentenced on Friday.
He will go to jail.
But watch how he tries to get a deal.
By squealing about others he knows.
Are as guilty as he is. Posted by at Tuesday, April 29, 2014

TOLD YA They are still at it......... Wednesday, April 23, 2014It's going to get very nasty.....
So many of you have asked what I think about this latest Hollywood Gay Sex ring. Well I think any kind of sex abuse is terrible. But when they also steal the dreams of these young people that's evil. Of course those accused are denying the charges. But the truth will come out. (excuse the pun) Trust me you are going to be shocked to the core. When you find out some of the other names. This has been going on for years. About time these monsters were brought to justice.

Kim Kardashian pregnant.....

So the rumours are...
Kim & Kanye already married .....NO.
Kim is pregnant.............................NO.
(unless she's been at the turkey baster).