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TOLD YA...Ding DONG....... 2014 New Year version 2.0 CHRISTIAN DION The Seer's 2014 Predictions Were written while staying By Cayuga Lake Upstate New York. Just down the road from the entrance to “The Twilight Zone”. (Completed Dec 29th 2013) 136
Ryan Sweeting (tennis player),
Lots of professional success this year. As well as his relationship with Kaley Cuoco being a hit.

She's no charmer in real life........

Oh I'm so sweet song bird. Taylor Swift. Is upsetting her upscale neighbours,  in Rhode Island. By adding a better sea wall. To protect her property she bought recently. Although what she's doing is legal. It's not going down too well. If I were one of her neighbours,  I'd be selling NOW. As she has more plans in the pipeline,  that will really piss them off.