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Showing posts from June 15, 2011

BREAKING NEWS " Keep it in the Family "

Footballer Ryan Giggs.
Not for long, soon to be fired.
Who is married to Stacey
(pictured on the right)
Had and affair with 
Imogen Thomas......
( Pictured left Ryan & Tart)
With me so far ?

Then it turns out he had an affair with his brother's wife, 
Natasha Giggs.

Yes that's right his sister in law.
( Pictured left)
Whom he got pregnant and made 
her have an abortion. Nice guy yeah.....
Still with me?

So I was wondering what next?
I know he'll have an affair with his brother, 
(pictured right) 
Who also had an affair with some tart.
Natasha's hubby......
So that way he can keep it all in the family........
Can you imagine the Christmas dinner this year at the parents house.
They must be so pleased..... 2012 even worse......

Oscar Host 2012 & beyond....

Neil Patrick Harris Did such a good job hosting the  " Tony's " Last Sunday....... He should  be asked to do the   " Oscar's " Next year....... Let's pray he accepts. Even if he appears to be the second choice.