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Showing posts from November 22, 2016

Madge time to wake up...

As Madonna carries on her quest for eternal youth. Along, with the crackpot beauty regimes. Toy-boys, actor Idris Elba,  (run Man, run). Late nights and booze. She continues to neglect the kids. Allowing them to run riot. She needs to put a watch on her daughter. Or she'll be attending a funeral.

TOLD YA #2 TOLD YA Bit of a long corner..
Wednesday, September 25, 2013What a DICK...... Mega Moron Ego fame whore,  Kanye West. Is claiming that he has the point creatively that Michael Jackson didn't. Some kind of glassceiling Well Kanye here's some news for you. It isn't a ceiling. it's floor. Very soon you will hear,  the sound of breaking glass. As you topple from you own,  imagined pinnacle of fame.
Can't wait.

Back in the Closet

As Tom Cruise and his band of  Scientology "CULT" nutters. Build their underground bunker in New Mexico. To await the End of the World. Surrounding themselves in great luxury. As well as many crop circles. The rest of the "Cult" members. Only get to help build the place. But, will never be allowed inside. Personally Tom & his Band of Merry Men. Should just go in, lock the door. As the End of the World. Will not be till at least the year 3000+ We would be well rid of them.