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ToLD YA, PM gone Weds ..
Monday, June 13, 2016
I do hope George Osbourne and his neighbor. Are looking forward to the great fall,  that is about to beset them. Well, they have been working hard for it. So it's well deserved.

Tues 12th Ghost Call Radio
Details on site above....
Ghost Call Radio
We are so looking forward to our returning guest Christian Dion, and we now you are too. This is going to be another super show, with Christian talking giving us an update on what he predicted for this year. We hope you can join us in the chat, by clicking the chat & listen above. In the second hour we will be taking calls for one question readings. Show starts Tuesday 12th July @ 2am GMT, 9pm Eastern, 8pm Central, 6pm Pacific.…/returning-guest-christian-dion…/

Won't see the 2nd Anniversary..

Well, surprise....... So Derek Jeter 42 has married Hannah Davis 26. Clearly a numbers game. She's in it for the money/fame. Not a happy ending...  for sure ....