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Showing posts from July 21, 2017

Told Ya, Melting pot..... What's she on..... 

December 15, 2013 Kim " Supertart" Kardashian,  is now rattling on how   "SWEET"  Kanye " I am God" West is. She's clearly on drugs of some sort.
(As is he) How can anyone think or believe that he is sweet. He's an arrogant Pratt. I can't wait for all this to fall apart, which it will. Granted probably not till after the  "Fake" marriage for money scam. Then who's she going to blame.
Perhaps his,
 "special plastic friend"

New liar in Chief ....

This is,  Anthony Scaramucci..... Babyfarts, new press person aka  "LIAR in Chief". Well,  he might be laughing now. But he won't be by,  New Years.....

TOLD YA, Sean gone.... Sorry Walt........... 

April 27, 2017
I'm not sure which will happen first.
1. Sean Spicer, running out of space,for his ever growing nose.
2. His heart giving out,    due to Babyfarts lies.
3. Wifey says
4. Complete "Breakdown" on live TV.

5. Babyfart says 
"Your FIRED" 

Should I do this everyday ???

Babyfart,  Meme of the day.....

Didn't take long...

Blac Chyna, has a "NEW" beau....
Not sure if she rented him...
But either way, it won't see the Fall.
Personally I think shes doing this to piss off fat Rob..

Look out, look out, there's a Trailer Park Reality Star about..

So Khole Kardashian,
and her latest thing..
Tristan Thompson......
Are house hunting in LA LA LAnd.
Well, at least the house is solid.
Plus it'll last longer than the relationship.
So if you see a gaggle of cameras.
Looking at the use next door.
Otherwise you're about to see your house worth.