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Showing posts from May 20, 2013

Fame or maybe Infamy at last...

Hi My Darlings.

Well it seems I have a crazy Fan.
NewsHyews on Twitter is claiming that I have said Tom Cruise has sex with men.
Now I have never said that on my blog.
they also seem to think that I have been on the Ellen Show, sadly not....
Oh well, the trappings of Fame Ha Ha

What F...king MORON thought this up then?

As the latest season of 
Dancing With The Stars, 
draws to a close this week. Some idiot at ABC has decided that 
for next season. DWTS.
  Will only be on one night... I know..... They also announced that the voting will be done during the show and the winners/losers will be reveal that same night at the shows close. Well, that's OK for the east viewers who get to see the show 
LIVE. But here on the west coast we see,
 a recorded version. How are we going to vote then??? As it will all be over and done with by the time  show starts for us, let alone ends. This is the kiss of death for the show. BULLSHIT. If it's not broken don't fix it. I know what they are up to saving 50% of production costs while still raking in a fortune. THIS IS GOING TO BACKFIRE.