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In Addition ......

In regards to the Horrors of Paris. Plus the 2014/5 prediction. Becoming a  sad "Told Ya". I have a question for you all. I do have " Other" feelings of what is next. Do you feel that I should or shouldn't post them. Regards CD
I feel that there at least two more attacks in France before years end.
I sense that one of these hours will be under the very nose of those watching.
London will not escape this bedlam.
(As mentioned in the 2015 New Year predictions)
I do feel other places in the UK will also be hit.
But a couple of the UK attacks will be stopped.
Hamburg is also going to feel,
 the hand of these monsters.
Then I feel the top of the bill as they say.
Will be the USA.
I sense that the main aim for their terror.
Is the New Year celebrations.
But I sense that the powers that be will get this one, or at least the bulk.
This is one of those predictions,
 I pray is completely wrong.
PS I sense that most if not all of the coming attacks are planned to happen. B…