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TOLD YA... Mr Editor...........

Thursday, March 22, 2012 Let them eat..........errrrrrr..... Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osbourne. Has just delivered his budget. Hit the poor, help the rich. More Ivory Towered thinking. I wonder if he can feel the cracks  beneath his handmade shoes ?  Mind you wait till he's back in the House. He'll get even more "GREEDY/RICH".

Wishing YOU all a Pot of GOLD

Have a Great & Safe Day..........

Easter Egg ?

How would like an A-Lister Psychic Reading
Would you like the same reading, that the celebrities get?

An hour reading via Skype/Telephone. (The audio is recorded and sent to you)
With Christian, just like the Rich & Famous.

So here’s the deal.
For a donation of $10 USD.
You will be entered into a draw.
(Must be in by Midnight PST Thursday 13th April 2017)
On Good Friday at Noon PST.
A winner will be picked.

Once the winner is chosen.
They will get this Special A Lister Reading from Christian.
How to enter.
Send a donation of $10 USD.
(each $10 USD is an entry)
You don’t have to have a Paypal account,
they walk you through the process.

Your donation is your ticket.
At noon PST Friday April 14th 2017.
The draw will be made.
The result will be posted on

“A fun way to help those who are needy at Easter”.

Flakey times a coming........

Trouble brewing in the new marriage. Of Russell  Wilson & Ciara What, well when you try to build a Mansion. On shifting sands......... No matter how strong the "Struts" .. If they don't fit the foundation. Then once the Snow for instance, falls. So does the illusion.......