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Showing posts from May 1, 2014

TOLD YA....Rob's at it again......
Friday, November 22, 2013 Worse to come...... So if you think you've seen everything regarding Toronto's Mayor Rob Ford. Please don't hold your breath. Just wait till Xmas & the New Year. There's even more video than,  we have been led to believe. Yet he still won't go peacefully. Spring 2016  not good.

Gone but not far enough.

Thank goodness  Nene " No talent " Leakes. Has gone from DWTS. It was no surprise that her leaving speech,  was only about herself. Well, the good news,  is she's heading for an almighty fall. Then she'll be gone. I bet her partner Tony the DWTS pro. Is breathing a breathe of relief.

TOLD YA fashion Divo's to clinky
Tuesday, June 25, 2013A little of what's to come......... Dolce & Gabanna who were sentenced to
20 months in jail. Last week for tax evasion in Italy. Got a little surprise at their fashion show just the other day. A sign of what they will get to see in clinky.