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Showing posts from February 18, 2016

TOLD YA, Manny " You're FRIED ", February 17, 2016
Another case of Ye Protesth too much,, Darling.

So this moron Manny Pacquiao.

 Says he believes people in gay relationships are
 "Worse than animals." Interesting when you realize,  he beats the crap out of another man. While prancing around in his skinny underwear. For a lot of money. How homoerotic can you get. This will back fire... Seems he thought this was an apology ..

This is a sad one ...

There is a killing spree,  that is about to hit Tel Aviv. (May even be underway as I post this) It will come from a place of surprise. But even though the powers that be. Try to blame it on low levels. It will indeed be nearer the top, than the bottom.