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TOLD YA.Jimmy Fallon bright rating.... CHRISTIAN DION The Seer's 2014 Predictions  Were written while staying  by  Cayuga Lake  Upstate New York,  just down the road from the entrance to  The Twilight Zone. (Completed Dec 19th 2013)

1 When Jimmy Fallon goes to the Tonight Show,  he will be an amazing success, (given time).
Good year for Kimmel.
Not so good for Conan.
Leno, on his Way out, but not without a fight.
It's going to be really tough for Seth Meyers,
but I do think in the end will be ok.

A little too PR............

Oh dear....... The rumour mills are all a buzz. That Selena Gomez & Niall Horan are dating. Yeah right. Just showbiz folks.......