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Next 2 Weeks of babyfarts responses ....

A Sad told ya. So GUNS STILL DON'T KILL PEOPLE?? 2018 PREDICTIONS....... December 18, 2017  Christian Dions’ 2018 PREDICTIONS. Composed between November 14th 20178.41am (Partly on a plane not my favorite place ha ha) Finished December 14th 11.59pm. Los Angeles Ca
80 USA
Although things are very rough, considering who’s in charge a bit of an understatement. But, even though there. Is going to be a lot of trouble, many mass shootings,terror attacks. Including the biggest ever on American soil. Plus many more revelations about how bad the leaders have been and still are. There will be a revolution of sorts. Riots in the streets. Not exactly bloodless, but it will bring about the changes that are needed. It’ll take most of the year, but things will change.. However people do need to get off their arses or it won’t. OR THE USA WILL GO BANKRUPT......

TOLD YA.. NAughty Boy.... Goal......... June 21, 2014
I  just saw on the news that  Soccer Star,
 Christiano Ronaldo. Is injured, 
seems he hurt his knee. But to be honest that the least of his worries. He needs to guard his "Private" life a bit better. Someone,
 is about to spill the beans. It's not going to be pretty.(Think IRS)

A Little Friday MEME..

From one bad choice to another...

Pop Princess Ariana Grande.... Appears to be in a very bad place romantically. She's got rid of one bad influence.... So as to directly move onto an even worse one... So bad in fact she'll be needing the paramedics...