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Showing posts from November 7, 2012

Told Ya Guatemala 7.4 big shaker The Seer’s Predictions for 2012 (Completed 21st Dec 2011) 6.   EARTHQUAKES. 2011 has seen more than usual earthquakes. 2012 will be even worse, with one really big hit. West coast needs to watch out.

TOLD YA President Obama 2.0

The Seer’s Predictions for 2012 (Completed 21 st Dec 2011) “LETS START WITH ONE MAJOR PREDICTION. THE WORLD WILL NOT END ON     DECEMBER 21ST 2012. PLAIN AND SIMPLE”. 14. US ELECTION. Don’t really need to be a Futurist to spot this one. (Have you seen what the other side has to offer)? President Obama will keep his job, only just, some however will say by a landslide.  

Designer Pitt.....

Actor Brad Pitt is about to launch a line of designer furniture. That he himself designed. If you think  you may like to but a piece. Be prepared to splash out $45.000 a chair. Outrageous I know...... But trust me me it'll sell like hot cakes. Oh Well........ Time to go get a drawing pad I think.