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TOLD YA, Another one....
Marriage ?????, lots a kids..... July 31, 2011

Zara Philips married her beauMike Tindall, on Saturday.                         She's the Queens grandaughter,                          he's a rugby playing Yorkshireman.                         A perfect match......   Lots a little ones,        for the Queen to  spoil.......                           (If he's not caught cheating that is)

Babyfart is going to need Rolaids....

FRIDAY Meme of the Day

"One is not amused...."

So the powers that be in Windsor.
Have ordered the police that the "Homeless".
Must removed from the streets of Windsor.
In time for the wedding of,
Prince Harry & Meghan Markle.
"Where is one going to put them?"
How about in the Castle Dungeon.
Or bus them to theTower?.
What I see happening is.
Even more homeless people turning up.
Let's what the World thinks of that.....
I dread to think what she'd think,
of the Markle Family.
Especially the Dad....
He'll really embarrass, Meghan, just wait and see...