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Monday, April 15, 2013 This will end in a bad way...... Some tart called Farrah Abraham,  who I believe is the star? of  " 16 & pregnant". Has made a sex tape with  a porn star called James Deen. She is demanding $2 million for it. She is also telling everyone who will listen, that her co Star is a terrible person, with a little dick. I think she is in for an almighty fall. Good. Karma Bitch, it's a BITCH. ps her mother watched the filming of the sex tape.

Not too soon....

The drama that is developing around,  Senator Mitch McConnell's,  decision not to fire his campaign manager. Who was caught on tape bad mouthing the Senator. Is the beginning of the slippery slope. Out of the Senate door.
Then there's the money scandal coming in 5/6 years.

TOLD YA it'lll flop., March 16, 2011 Can't wait........ So not only do we  have the doomed, wedding of  LEANN RIMES  &   EDDIE CIBRIAN. To look forward to...... But they have signed to do a "Reality" show. Time to sell the telly I think....
Posted by at Wednesday, March 16, 2011