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Told Ya SPILTSVILLE....., May 21, 2010Bradangelina.........needs glue......
Well, well the cracks 
are widening in,
the relationship between.
Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie.
(Seems she has the claws out,
for Johnny Depp. 
Not that she'll get him).
I'll give Bradangelina till Sept 2012.
Although, he may give in, to marriage
it won't last.
(If Johnny & Vanessa get past 2012 all will be well). Brad's just like best pal  George Clooney who  isn't into "marriage" either.

No more Glee.......

Right Wing moron and ex Fox talking head.
Glenn Beck Is trying to produce a TV show called  " Oedipus Project ". As an alternative to the highly success TV show  " Glee ". He feels this is his new life project. Why? Well he feels that " Glee " is destroying America...... Of course it'll never get to air. I wonder if he knows what Oedipus means?