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You command I obey ha ha ...

So many of you have asked for me to repeat the,  Email Reading Special. So here goes............... From NOW till Sept 30th(midnight PST).
1 question reading normally $20 usd SPECIAL OFFER.... 2 Questions for the price of 1 ...
(recent picture required) Send pic & questions to Payable in advance by Paypal.Send payment to At they walk you through the process. Readings take aprox 3/4 days(Sunday Day OFF)


TOLD YA... So Sad.....

Well, for now... WON't END WELL AT ALL !!!! August 24, 2016
Ariana Grande has a new Beau. Some rapper called Mac Miller. The names these idiots dream up. Mind you she's also worried about her brother. Getting the boot from a UK Reality show.

TOLD YA.. That was QUICK.....

TOLD YA Seems he choose not to listen, Oh Well...
Only takes one pic ......

November 04, 2016

As Elon Musk carries on his work,
 to take over the World.
(Which he will)
His car business is doing just fine.
But, the space stufff, not so well.
As we know, that kind of business, 
has to work not only first time.
But every time......
Well, Elon, the answer is simple.
Start paying respect to the man,
 who created what you hope to continue.
Mr Tesla.
Just place a pic like this, 
in your office and creative spaces.
You'll be delighted with the results.