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Told Ya.. Money Money Money... They are coming to get ya.... March 14, 2020 Oh Dear, what can the matter be. Fergie isn't stuck in the lavatory. But, she is deep in a shithole. FBI, are watching her close. Maybe that's how...  They get Andy to croak...

Dear God, he spoke the truth ARGGGHH !

Told Ya Borrowing not Buying...

Before Archies 3 May 06, 2020                   Happy 1st  Birthday Archie. As you look at Prince Harry, in even the PR pics. He looks totally lost, HE IS. He hates LA. It’s not his lifestyle. But, Madame Meghan, planned this from the beginning. She pushed way into the social circles. That would get her to Harry. This she did, because a psychic (not me). Told her…. "That she would marry a man who was photographed a lot." "A Redhead..." So, she set about making it happen. Smooching up to connected people. Once they got her a little closer. She dumped them. On to the next level. REPEAT the process So now she has Harry in LA. The present fight is about a house. Now she wants to buy, or rent to buy. Harry wants to rent. To see if he wants to stay. Her plan is to get what she wants, house wise. Then