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Showing posts from November 9, 2016

Vancouver here I come....

As our Canadian cousins, begin to buy the bricks. To build the Wall that they really need now. Perhaps it's time,  to go into the construction business. If I do I will send Trump the bill....

So............. Enjoying the RIGGED Election, Babyfart?

So as we awake (Ha ha) from a no sleep night.We face the unexpected that is....... The "New" Pres Elect Trump. I would like to point you to the prediction, 
from over a year ago. 
(see below). I AM NOT TRYING TO GET OFF THE HOOK. Until Jan 20th he won't be there. If you think that he'll be allowed,  to get through this. I have a tower in Paris I can let you have. As though this man,  needed anymore brushing up of his ego....... I know that many people today,  don't understand the many Worlds of Politics. Most people don't......... Including me........... Take a look at the 1930's & 40's...... It's easy....... Just go to the History Channel, or The Destination Channel, The AHC Channel. Type in Hitler, then watch..... It's as though we have decided to time travel back to those times. Or, ask your Jewish friends,  what their family had to endure. Putin, Kim Jon Un and all the other despots are rubbing their hands in glee....... Lastly I feel very sorry & sad for…

Well now watch the markets fall and everything else

So as you see, it appears that I got the Trump thing wrong. Well, the prediction does say. But he won't get the keys to the Whitehouse. Now the World will begin to shake. Like never before.......

Tantrum ????

Well,well, HRH Ginger, has confirmed that he is dating, Megan Markle.
(Or his PR team did)
So now watch for a PR blitz.
To make her acceptable to the British people.

PS HRH Ginger talking, is code for the Palace.
Not liking the situation.
Let's hope she manages to get the Xmas gift. 
But I doubt it.