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TOLD YA CROOK.... too soon....

August 09, 2013 The drama that is developing around,
 Senator Mitch McConnell's, 
decision not to fire his campaign manager.
Who was caught on tape bad mouthing the Senator.
Is the beginning of the slippery slope.
Out of the Senate door.Then there's the money scandal coming in 5/6 years.

TOLD YA.. It took a while..... NOW..... January 09, 2018
Actor Kit Harrington. Needs to get himself booked into REHAB now. He's on a road of true destruction... SUCH A WASTE......

Hump Day Trump

KStew Cracking Up????

Faded actress Kristen Stewart needs to get herself. Into rehab ASAP. Or someone, Close who's cares.  Needs to drag her there. Or they will be planning a funeral...