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Crossroads or Cliff ???

Kendall Jenner, is at a crossroads at a very important time,  in her life. If someone doesn't get her into rehab, prone. She'll be falling off that cliff. Trust me this is a bottomless cliff. Let's hope someone is listening.
Momanager ???

Told YA, So the fall "Begins" ALL PR ...

Here's another little"TitBit"as they say in the UK.
Tuesday, November 1, 2016
L.O.L Do they really think we are buying this..

Well, it looks like HRH Prince Harry's PR Team, has joined the ranks of Conjurors. His PR team is kind of claiming that he's dating. One Canadian Actress, Megan Markle. Apparently they have known,  each other about 6 months. Well, for starters, if the PR team,  had done their research.... They would find that actresses,  don't marry High ranking Royals. Remember Koo Stark,  the American actress/photographer,  thought she'd marry HRH Prince Andrew. Despite the fact, that his Great Granny,  the Late HRH Queen Mother really liked Koo. So this wannabe is way off base. Besides she's a foreigner so that's the death nail.

This would be "HUGE"

Meet Trumps Mentor..........

So as the GOP & Trump,  go at it about Voter Fraud and Voter ID. Trying to sell us the idea it's about security......... Well, if you buy that I have a Tower in Paris, for sale, free shipping. What they really should be after is. VOTER IQ. The new Law would make sure,  that anyone with an IQ. Of 7. or below,  wouldn't be allowed to vote.

Maybe Pictures can explain better !!!!

Maybe this pic will help you.
This is his REALITY.

LISTEN TO HIM.................

If that's not enough ......... There's this