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TOLD YA, Sort of ha ha..., February 22, 2012Ex Mr Liza Minnelli........SPOOKY. David Gest the creep who was married to  Liza Minnelli for all of two minutes. Is now jumping on the  Whitney Houston bandwagon. Funny how all these friends didn't jump on board while she was alive. Well he is going to keep on trucking. Wait till he tries a TV seance.......
From the "OTHER" Side. WANKER......

Just use photoshop, it's cheaper...

So Harry Styles & Kendall Jenner.
Are keeping up appearances of being together.
As seen in the above pic.
I wonder how much that cost him.
I reckon $100.000 a shot.
Oh Well....

TOLD YA, Cheater, Cheater., February 28, 2010Tiz only an opinion... Sir Elton John believes that Jesus was an intelligent gay man, 
Maybe he was. Maybe he wasn’t
After all millions believe Jesus walked on water.
Maybe he did. Maybe he didn’t. 
Remember “Free Speech” is for everyone.
This is only going to get more and more interesting.
Elton needs to watch his health in 2012.
He also needs to watch personal matters in 2015/16.
NOT GOOD ......